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And the winner of the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest is…



Remnants of Isolation!

A few months ago we ran the RPG Maker Weekly Bundle alongside a contest for aspiring game developers. A $10,000 grand prize for the best game judged by ourselves and the creators of RPG Maker.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and be sure to look at the full list of winners in every category selected from over 800 entries.


Pixel Rift is a super cool (and rather silly) use of cutting edge virtual reality technology to re-create an authentic retro gaming experience, complete with retro consoles and environments.

You follow the life of a gaming addict Nicola as she battles through the ages to play her favourite game Pixel Rift.  You’ll play on a variety of consoles, handhelds and arcade machines, all with different graphical capabilities, from black and white blocks to colorful 90’s polygons. You’ll also play in a variety of authentic environments, from sitting in front of your TV at home, to sneakily playing a GameBoy knockoff during class.

If the rest of the environments are half as good as the school level (full of fun little touches, easter eggs and bizarre mini games) that’s available in the Alpha demo, then Pixel Rift is going to be fantastic.  It’s a wonderful concept, a fun tongue-in-cheek trip down memory lane.  

This isn’t a retro game simulator, it’s a retro gaming simulator - and an awesome one at that!

Vote for it on Greenlight & Download the Free Alpha Demo (Rift)



And you’ll never have one.

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Endless Legend on Steam

Look at this fucking game.